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Artists Alfred Steiner Information
Alfred Steiner - CV

Lives and works in New York
Born 1973, Cincinnati, Ohio

1998 J.D., Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA
1995 B.A. Philosophy, B.S. Mathematics, Miami University, Oxford, OH

Solo Shows
Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark (May)

Likelihood of Confusion, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY
Volta NY, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Contrariwise, 101/Exhibit, Los Angeles, CA

Bleeding Afro, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Selected Group Shows
The Copenhagen Interpretation, Gallery Poulsen at The Lodge Gallery, New York, NY (March)

Your Favorite Artist’s Favorite Artist, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY
Heat, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Exquisite Corpse, Mass Gallery, Austin, TX (curated by Amir Fallah)
Group Show, Gallery Poulsen, Art Herning, Herning, Denmark

The Gallery Poulsen 10 Years Anniversary Show, Copenhagen, Denmark
Salon de Refuses, Artion Gallery, New York, NY (curated by Michael Anderson)
The Wild Bunch, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Direct Address, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY
Thanks, Lu Magnus, New York, NY
Nudes, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, CA (curated by The World’s Best Ever)
Art & Law Codex, Independent Curators International, New York, NY (project of Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento)
Group Show Vol. 4, Gildar Gallery, Denver, CO
Department of Art Faculty & Alumni Exhibition, Miami University Art Museum, Oxford, OH

100 Little Deaths, Bravin Lee Programs, New York, NY (project for Tom Sanford solo show)
En Plein Air, Stux Gallery, New York, NY
The Space Between, The National Arts Club, New York, NY (curated by Jenny Mushkin Goldman)
Beyond Bling: The Artist as Jeweler, Claire Oliver Gallery, New York, NY
Season Opener!, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, CA
The Late Summer Group Show 2012, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Summer Group Exhibition 2012, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY
Group Show 4, 101/Exhibit, Miami, FL
Day Job, Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, PA (curated by Nina Katchadourian)
The Brucennial, New York, NY (curated by Vito Schnabel and The Bruce High Quality Foundation)
Day Job, Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, PA
Drawn to You, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Guilty / (Not) Guilty, Norte Maar, Brooklyn, NY (curated by Sarah Schmerler)

Drawing Gifts 2011, 8th Annual Benefit Auction for The Drawing Center, New York, NY
The Boa Constrictor and the Golden Retriever: Extremes in Tonality, Soft-Spot.net
Bitches Brew – New Art from New York (Part II), Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Guilt Show, 45projects.com (curated by Sarah Schmerler)
A Line of Souls and a Few Words from the Holy, Fortress to Solitude, Brooklyn, NY

Day Job, The Drawing Center, New York, NY (curated by Nina Katchadourian)
36 Hours in Basel, Unternehmen Mitte, Basel, Switzerland (curated by Artist Accomplices)
Fruhstuck Kommt, Golden Pudle Club, Hamburg, Germany (curated by Patrick Meagher)
The Brucennial, New York, NY (curated by Vito Schnabel and The Bruce High Quality Foundation)
Bring Your Own Art, X-Initiative, New York, NY
Postcards from the Edge, ZieherSmith, New York, NY

The Portrait Show, Fortress to Solitude, Brooklyn, NY (curated by Guillermo Creus)
Invisible Dog, No Longer Empty, Brooklyn, NY (curated by Manon Slome and Asher Remy Toledo)
Regime Change, Swarm Gallery, Oakland, CA
Spatial Perversions, The New School, New York, NY (curated by the Skybridge Curatorial Project)
Postcards from the Edge, Metro Pictures, New York, NY

Night of 1,000 Drawings, Artists Space, New York, NY
Avatar Atavistic, Vaudeville Park, New York, NY (curated by Andrew Prayzner)
It's Not Easy, Exit Art, New York, NY (curated by Herb Tam and Lauren Rosati)
Surreal Naiveté, M.Y. Art Prospects, New York, NY
Digital with Monument, Silver Shed, New York, NY (curated by Patrick Meagher)
purspace, New York, NY

The Way of All Flesh, BravinLee Programs, New York, NY

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Lectures and Panels
2013 “Blanch v. Koons & Cariou v. Prince”, Fordham School of Law, New York, NY, 14 February, 2013
2011 “This is Not a Legal Lecture,” Northeastern University School of Law, Boston, MA, 12 October 2011
2010 “VLA Art & Law Residency Symposium,” New York, NY, 25 August 2010
2010 “Intellectual Property in the Age of Digital Reproduction,” Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, NY, 14 April 2010 “Copyright and Contemporary Art: Ships Passing in the Night,” Vassar College, 12 April 2010
2009 “Is the Concept of Artistic Merit Obsolete in Contemporary Art?,” Miyako Yoshinaga Art Prospects, New York, NY, 11 June 2009

West Collection, Philadelphia, PA

A Few Observations on Copyright and Art, Landslide Magazine, a publication of the American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law, JanuaryFebruary 2013.

Registries and Programs
Open Sessions 20142016, The Drawing Center
White Columns, Artists Registry
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