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Artists Christian Rex van Minnen Earlier works
Christian Rex van Minnen (US)
 Earlier works

Self-Portrait with Jail Time

Forest Floor with Poor Decisions

Born Bad

Still-life with pink eye

Thunder perfect Mind

Untitled 4112

Bog Witch

Bouguereau Goes West

Hot Horror on the Dance Floor

Biggie Patch Kidney P.I.E.


Rational Ideas

Still-Life with 15 Petroglyphs

Still-life with Slayer

Hope and Wait

Around Blacks, Never Relax with Tulips

Killing Whitey

Untitled 502


Still-life with Tupac

Tupac Discovers America

Untitled 506

Welsh Rats

St. Sebastion

Pizza Bro Death Cult

Pronk in Camu 1

Untitled 4110

Christian Rex van Minnen - Self Portrait with Interior Red Head

This Is a True Story, with Eyeshadow

Frat Albert

Untitled 4022

Icarus Triptych


Christian Rex van Minnen - Mortuum Ambulatnem Romanus (after Goltzius)

Christian Rex van Minnen - Bathhouse Pussy Poppin'

Untitled 4113

To Do, To Be


Untitled 503

Bad Vibes

No One Gets Out Alive, Not Even You Bambi


Still-Life with Genocide

Self-Portrait with Metallica

Spear of Destiny

Still life with Journal Entry and Diabetes

Pronk in Camu 2

Untitled 482

Grotto with Nietzsche and Anal

Untitled 4117

Thin Skin

Still-Life with Dreams of Commercial Flight

As Above, So Below

St. Anthony's Fire

Untitled 488

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Farm II Table

White Flight


Untitled 4023

Summer Wine

Small Axe

Broad Highway

Deez Mothafuckin' Chakraz

Untitled 501

Still-Life with VOC Meermin and Jelly Rings

Untitled 505

Mono Mania 2

Mono Mania 1

Untitled 4120

Untitled 4021

Untitled 492

Untitled 483

Untitled 495

Half A Suicide

Keep On Pushin

Nobody Wants to Hear It

Searching, Fearless Moral Inventory

Solar World

Harder Freer Darker Lover