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Artists Debra Hampton Earlier works
Debra Hampton (US)
Earlier works

Last Shot

Emblems of Empire (Diptych)

The Pressure of Audacity

Round 'n' Round

Bejewel Me Baby

Large Still Life with Timepiece, Broken Crown Brooch and Snakeskin High Heels

Serpentine Dream in Pale Pink

From Profit To Protection


Queen of the Higher Chase

Floating Blue Still Life

Expelling the Fever of Evolutionary Compulsion

A Bit of This, a Bit of That, and a Whatever

Knee Deep I


Knee Deep II

Hair Piece Twenty Ten

Twenty Paces

American Woman

Two-Faced I

Progressive Suspension

KitKat Payback, Universal Love

Still Life with Rifle and Syringe

The Patriot





Two-Faced II

Two-Faced III

Pale Dream in Serpentine Pink

Fortune's Roulette

Future Seer

Still Life with Gold Bracelets, Timepiece and Metal Pipe

Gemini 81, After the Wind

Still Life with Arm and Rifle Branches

Meta Turbo Cosmic Promenade

Good as Gold, Bad as Blast


Star Struck

How We Got To Where We’re Going

Mental Whiplash


Purdy Girl

Vase of Orange and Yellow Bouquets

Coronation of the Dialectical Spin

Rhapsodic Pull

Royal Flush

Assembly for the Cosmic Extracts and Their Elastic Parasites

Royal Brut

Still Life With Golden Sandals

Spring Fever

Hairpiece 2015 - Technicolor Dreams

Interstitial Stator

Intelligent Nutrients, Kinetic Restoration, and the Seduction of the Mechanical Spirit Essence


Vase of Late Blooms with Dripping Bullets, Hubs, & Lingerie

Royal Hot Mess

True Match Concealed by Central Fire

Talisman (QPO)

P. Magnum’s True Match

Bad Hair Day

Hooked Up

Emerald Minotaur

Exalted & Exhausted

Step 1, Step 2, Time Stands Still for the Warriors in Woolworth

Figment of a Dream in Blue

Hairpiece 2015 – Conflated Chaos

Moments of Inertia

Hand Off!