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Artists Eric White
Eric White (US)

Eric White_Down in Front_2014_oil on canvas_152 x 216 cm_60 x 85 in_800.jpg
"Down in Front" 2014, oil on canvas, 152 x 216 cm, 60 x 85 in

"I am fascinated with the idea that our reality is a dream and that something greater exists beyond our perception; that time is not linear and realities overlap. Whether it be physicist David Bohm’s postulations that the universe is in essence a holographic projection, or Jane Roberts’ channeled metaphysical works, like 'The Nature of Personal Reality,' which claim that everything we experience is self-generated illusion, these ideas are very compelling to me, and they are central to my work. Painting may not be the best way to tackle these concepts, but it’s all I’ve got."

Eric White

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