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Artists Jade Townsend
Jade Townsend (US)
Jade Townsend_The Offering of Ears To Freewill and Fate_2016_graphite, prisma color, pastel, oil, and ink on paper_69 x 91 cm_27 x 36 in_800.jpg
"The Offering of Ears To Freewill and Fate" 2016, graphite, prisma color, pastel, oil, and ink on paper, 69 x 91 cm, 27 x 36 in

“My current work is a range of drawings, sculptures and interactive installations that critique and re-imagine often confusing, absurd, and tragic realities of our society. By layering real and invented myths and buried meanings through a cast of visual characters who personify these stories, the work creates an ever-changing, dreamlike experience in its pursuit of conflicting themes such as contentment and rebellion, or altruism and greed.

The detailed, richly colored drawings offer unsettling and darkly humorous scenarios that inform the hand-made sculptures and farcical installations. In return, the installations feed and inform the drawings. Through this cycle, I create new worlds interconnected by underlying themes and recurring visual motifs. Within this world, any conflict and possible discomfort the viewer ultimately experiences arises from a heightened critical awareness of his/her own belief system. I’m trying to present new ways of seeing the contrived norms of our day through the worlds I have created.”

Jade Townsend, Januar 2015


“Jade Townsend’s highly theatrical sculptures and installations use familiar imagery to explore themes of displacement, allegory, and alchemy. With subjects drawn from history, literature, popular culture, and everyday life. Townsend’s works integrate many types of materials in a diverse range of forms. While varied in appearance, his art is interconnected through its underlying themes, use of recurring visual motifs, combination of found and fabricated elements, and overall dramatic sensibility. Initially a painter of abstract compositions, Townsend turned to making three-dimensional work to better explore complex concepts.
Regardless of their final form, Jade Townsend’s sculptures, installations (and drawings) use theatrical techniques to engage an audience. Once in his control, viewers see a darker, anarchistic view of the world."

Excerpt from New Image Sculpture by Rene Paul Barilleaux, Curator of Art after 1945 at the McNay Museum, San Antonio, TX

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