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Artists Mi Ju
Mi Ju (KOR)
Mi Ju_Sleepwalker_2017_acrylic on canvas and cut paper_183 x 122 cm_72 x 48 in_800.jpg
 "Sleepwalker" 2017, acrylic on canvas and cut paper, 183 x 122 cm, 72 x 48 in

"Nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere."
- Blaise Pascal

"I perceive nature as flat, crowded, and infinite. Often times, the world is too large to comprehend, too crowded to find a focus. Countless living organisms are packed layer by layer, interconnected with each other. My compositions develop from the contemplation of opposing concepts: ephemeral and eternal, uncensored and restrained, improvised and strategic. The work often combines both cuteness and violence. By understanding natural elements from micro to macro, fractals to flocks, and ants to people, I reflect mixed perceptions of nature through my work. Nature could be seen as controllable, appealing, and delightful, yet from a different perspective, natural elements can become overwhelming and destructive.

I was born in South Korea. My father ran a textile factory and my mother was a Buddhist temple florist. Massive rolls of fabric were always around me during my childhood, their colorful patterns and diverse textures affecting my visual expression. The intricate natural ornaments and bizarre creatures filling Buddhist temples inspired my imagination.
Studying in Australia, San Francisco, and New York has given me insight into the various perspectives people have about nature. Native American totem poles, Aboriginal topographical art, and the complexity of psychedelic art all influence my artistic process. I look to scientific theories on the origin of life, emergence patterns, and swarm behavior to introduce more intricacy and narrative into my work."

Mi Ju, 2015

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