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Artists Taylor Schultek
Taylor Schultek (US)

 Taylor Schultek_Where Bridges Don%u2019t Burn_2017_oil on panel_61 x 92 cm_24 x 36 in_800.jpg
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"For the last few years my work has dealt with the sublime urban industrial environment and subjective perception. I collect parts of my daily life and synthesize them into unified compositions with added elements from my past experiences. By deconstructing my perceptual reality into abstractions, and then building those fragments back into cohesive realities, I emphasize the aspects of the world that are related to my subjectivity. In many ways, my work is about how we move through space and time, and our interpretation of that journey.

I am constructing a visual language taken from the cultures and environments I have been a part of throughout my life. In a way I am following a tradition implemented by Delacroix, but without focusing on foreign cultures to which I have no direct relation like the Orientalists. Instead, I am profoundly interested in the subcultures of America and the international subcultures brought about through digital technology. The style of my work is built on the twentieth century American artists like Eakins, Hopper, or Wyeth but tends to follow the conceptual dialogue of Abstract Expressionism, Midwest Regionalism, and the Hudson River School."
  Taylor Schultek, 2017
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