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Artists Tom Sanford Earlier works
Tom Sanford (US)
Earlier works

Michael Jackson with Thriller Icon

Portrait of Lars Ulrich

Big Burger

Ice Melter

#Winning (Charlie Sheen & Capri Anderson)

Custom Mao Zedong (Batman)

Fritos Bag

Study of Charlie Sheen

Tea Party Rally


Watery Grave (Osama Bin Laden)

Shepard Fairy

Dr. King Schultz

Lady Gaga

Chinese Prison (Ai WeiWei)

Custom Mao Zedong (Kiss- Gene Simmons)

Custom Mao Zedong (Zombie)

Custom Mao Zedong (Punk)

Custom Mao Zedong (Magritte)

Study of Shepard Fairey with black eye #2

Study of Amy Winehouse

Sexy Monument after Guston


Study of Osama Bin Laden

Study of Capri Anderson


Study of Noemi Letizia

Italia alle Vongole (Silvio Berlusconi)

Study of Shepard Fairey with black eye #1

Gasoline Godess

Jail Birds


Study of Ruby Rubacuori

Olde English

Study of Silvio Berlusconi

Study of Rupert Murdoch

Study of Ai WeiWei

The Collector

Custom Mao Zedong (Viking)

The Great Poulsen

Neil Armstrong

James Franco

Rene Holm

Tom Sanford - Raphael

Daniel Heidkamp

Michael Bevilacqua

Alfred Steiner

Barnaby Whitfield

Tal R

Christian Lemmerz

Custom Mao Zedong (Outlaw)

The Family Sanford

Michael Anderson

Barrett Rude Jr. (The Fortress of Solitude)