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Gallery Poulsen at Pulse Miami Beach 2015
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We’re going to Miami – again!

It is with the greatest excitement that we this Tuesday December 1st open our booth N-105 at Pulse Contemporary Art Fair at the beautiful Indian Beach Park in Miami Beach. 

We will present an amazing group of seven highly talented artists – Christian Rex van Minnen, Jean-Pierre Roy, Mi Ju, Mu Pan, Nicola Verlato, William Powhida and Aaron Johnson. As a result of their extremely hard work the past several months we now have the unique opportunity to show an array of brand new and stunning works at this year’s Pulse Miami Beach during Miami Art Week.

“The fair’s footprint has grown to include two adjoining pavilions housing a tightly-curated selection of more than 80 national and international exhibitors, representing work by over 200 artists. This architecture provides a balanced and airy environment, interspersed with areas of contemplation and interactive programming, in which visitors can discover the most compelling contemporary art being produced today.”
Excerpt from Pulse’s press release, New York, September 1, 2015

After participating last year’s Pulse Miami and Pulse New York earlier this year, where we achieved an overwhelming amount of interest and attention from all over the world - eg. from BloombergBusiness and The New York Times to mention a few - we are thrilled to be a part of Pulse for the third time. For this edition we bring an extended number of artists, which undoubtedly will generate an intense, diverse and spectacular expression made of extremely well crafted paintings and sculptures loaded with details and perspective.

If you are in Miami next week please do not hesitate to visit our booth N-105 and experience the very special combination of summer, sun and splendid works of art! 

More information on Pulse Miami Beach:

Pulse’s official website

Full press release from Pulse

Preview press from Arrested Motion

Check out our collection of works at Artsy

Practical information:

December 1st – 5th, 2015

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Private Preview Brunch by VIP Invitation  1pm–4pm
Opening Celebration  4pm–7pm
Wednesday - Friday  10am–7pm
Saturday  10am–5pm
Sunset Celebration  5pm–7pm

Indian Beach Park, 4601 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140
PULSE Miami Beach is located at Collins Avenue and 46th Street right next to the Eden Roc Hotel and with direct access from the beach and boardwalk.

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Gallery Poulsen Contemporary Fine Arts 
Flæsketorvet 24, Den hvide Kødby 
1711 København V. 
Tlf. +45 3333 9396

Opening hours: Tuesday through Friday 12 - 17.30, Saturday 11 - 15 or by appointment


 Press photos in high res:

Christian Rex van Minnen_Still-Life with VOC Meermin and Jelly Rings_2015_oil on linen_122 x 183 cm_48 x 72 in_low.jpg
Christian Rex van Minnen:
”Still-Life with VOC Meermin and Jelly Rings”
Oil on linen, 122 x 183 cm, 48 x 72 in

Jean-Pierre Roy_Manifold Fibration_2015_oil on linen_140 x 190 cm_55 x 75 in_low.jpg
Jean-Pierre Roy: “Manifold Fibration” 2015
Oil on linen
140 x 190 cm, 55 x 75 in

Mi Ju_Family Portrait_2015_acrylic on canvas, cut out paper, thread_183 x 147 cm_72 × 58 in_low.jpg
Mi Ju: ”Family Portrait” 2015
Acrylic on canvas, cut out paper, thread
183 x 147 cm, 72 × 58 in

Mu Pan_Alligator_2015_acrylic on panel_102 x 152 cm_40 x 60 in_low.jpg
Mu Pan: ”Alligator” 2015
Acrylic on panel
102 x 152 cm, 40 x 60 in

Nicola Verlato_Hostia-Assasination No.1-Pasolini_2015_vinyl on canvas_152 x 229 cm_60 x 90 in_low.jpg
Nicola Verlato:
“Hostia - Assasination No.1 – Pasolini”
Vinyl on canvas, 152 x 229 cm, 60 x 90 in

William Powhida_A Critical Appraisal_2015_graphite, watercolor, and acrylic on Yupo mounted on aluminum_140 x 112 cm_55 x 44 in_low.jpg
William Powhida: “A Critical Appraisal” 2015
Graphite, watercolor, and acrylic on Yupo mounted
on aluminum, 140 x 112 cm, 55 x 44 in

Aaron Johnson_Cowboy Coffee_2015_ acrylic on polyester knit mesh_152 x 183 cm_60 x 72 in_low.jpg
Aaron Johnson: “Cowboy Coffee” 2015
Acrylic on polyester knit mesh
152 x 183, 60 x 72 in
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