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Newsletter June 2016

Poulsen’s Fifteen took the Meatpacking District by storm!

Only a week has passed since we let Poulsen’s Fifteen out on the loose in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District and we still cannot get our arms down in pure excitement! On Friday June 17th, Gallery Poulsen released the utmost charismatic crew of artists to execute an elaborate summer heist. They surely succeeded and made an absolute splash of the opening of ”Poulsen’s Fifteen: New Art from New York – part VII”

The heist commenced on the minute, as our artist crew kicked in the door with explosive pop art, intense mythology, sci-fi inspired creations, and coloristic compositions wrapped in satirical undertones, delivered with sassy charm.     


John Jacobsmeyer, Tom Sanford, Abigail Schmidt, Nicola Verlato and Jean-Pierre Roy were all present at the opening, and together with Jacob Dahlstrup, gave the exhibition a touch of personal charisma. We further marked our special union with the New York art scene with a second day of celebrating. We could not think of a better place to unite Copenhagen with New York than on the barbecue!

The show is open until Saturday July 9th, so do not miss out on a chance to see this year’s s outstanding summer show!

Below you find a selection of the masterful creations we have in store for you:

Mi Ju_Lion and the Green Goat_2016_acrylic on canvas, cut paper, thread_107 x 127 cm_42 × 50 in_800.jpg
Mi Ju: "Lion and the Green Goat" 2016, acrylic on canvas, cut paper, thread, 107 x 127 cm, 42 × 50 in

Aaron Johnson:
Gun Nut” 2016, socks and acrylic on canvas on panel, 46 x 35 x 15 cm, 18 x 13.5 x 6 in
”Gun-Nut” 2016, acrylic on polyester knit mesh, 30.5 x 23 cm, 12 x 9 in
”Biking for Burgers” 2016, acrylic on polyester knit mesh, 30.5 x 23 cm, 12 x 9 in
The Man with the Plan” 2016, socks and acrylic on canvas on panel, 39 x 28 x 15 cm, 15.5 x 11 x 6 in
”Turkey Face” 2016, socks and acrylic on canvas on panel, 35 x 28 x 15 cm, 14 x 11 x 6 in
”Turkey Mountain” 2016, acrylic on polyester knit mesh, 30.5 x 23 cm, 12 x 9 in

Jacob Dahlstrup_ Svanedans i Lorterenden_2016_pastel on paper_110 x 115 cm_43 x 45 in_800.jpg
Jacob Dahlstrup: "Svanedans i Lorterenden" 2016, pastel on paper, 110 x 115 cm, 43 x 45 in

Jean-Pierre Roy_ Entopicon 1_2016_oil on linen_122 x 122 cm_48 x 48 in_800.jpg
Jean-Pierre Roy: "Entopticon 1" 2016, oil on linen, 122 x 122 cm, 48 x 48 in

Tom Sanford: "The Last Slice" 2016, oil on canvas, 175 x 110 cm, 69 x 43 in

William Powhida_ Why Artists Are Terrible_2016_ Watercolor, acrylic, and graphite on Yupo mounted on aluminum_140 x 112 cm_55 x 44 in_800.jpg
William Powhida: "Why Artists Are Terrible" 2016, watercolor, acrylic, and graphite on Yupo mounted on aluminum,
140 x 112 cm, 55 x 44 in

"Poulsen’s Fifteen: New Art from New York - part VII"
17.06 – 09.07

Poulsen’s Fifteen consist of: Aaron Johnson (US), Abigail Schmidt (US), Christian Rex van Minnen (US), Eric White (US), Jacob Dahlstrup (DK), Jean-Pierre Roy (US), John Jacobsmeyer (US), Margaret Bowland (US), Mi Ju (KOR), Mu Pan (US), Nicola Verlato (IT), Stephen Vollo (US), Stig Stasig (DK), Tom Sanford (US) and William Powhida (US)

Available works

Full press release

Installation view

Upcoming show: Mu Pan solo

Mu Pan_Dinoasshole chapter 1, Raptors_2016_acrylic on wood_61 x 76 cm_24 x 30 in_800.jpg
 Latest work by Mu Pan: "Dinoasshole chapter 1, Raptors" 2016, acrylic on wood, 61 x 76 cm, 24 x 30 in
We are very excited to kick off the end of the summer with a brand new solo show in August. It is not going to go quitely, when we invite you inside Mu Pan’s fabulously bloody universe where storytelling is key. The Chinese-American artist possesses an astounding attention to detail. His artistic expression reflects both a preoccupation with oriental war history as well a unique artistic craftsmanship. 

Mu Pan is no newcomer to Gallery Poulsen. After having participated on Poulsen’s team for big international art fairs, such as Pulse Miami and Pulse New York, as well as Art Herning, his works never fail to turn heads and allure people into his paintings and the stories they tell. Thus, the time is ripe for Mu Pan to shine! 

Stay tuned!

Mu Pan:

12.08 – 10.09

More info on Mu Pan

The future of Gallery Poulsen

May 19th was a day to remember! On this day we recived the key to our brand new gallery space in Copenhagen's brown meatpacking district! 

The space itself, however, is anything but new. But with a firm, yet loving hand, this old slaughterhouse will soon be tranformed into a brutally beautiful gallery. In January 2017 we will open the doors to a grand and magnificent new gallery with a spectacular solo show with none other than Jean-Pierre Roy.

We cannot wait to show you our new home in the brown meatpacking district and invite you to a grand opening celebration!

Nyt galleri.jpg

Follow the process on our social media channels. Here, we give you a unique insight to the process:
From slaughterhouse to home of the arts

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Flæsketorvet 24, Den hvide Kødby
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Opening hours: Tuesday thru Friday 12 -17.30, Saturday 11 - 15 or by appointment  

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