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Newsletter March 2015

Kicking it off in New York City!

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Helena_800.jpg Patricia_800.jpg

With the opening of "The Copenhagen Interpretation", showing the full Gallery Poulsen program, at The Lodge Gallery in Lower East Side and the participation in Pulse Art Fair New York we spent a busy week overthere. Overwhelmed by a solid and intense interest we can't help but smile and hold our heads up high.

Given that this is our debut at Pulse New York, we can definitely call it a success! The motto of the week happily turned out to be: "We found our fair". We sold out the inventory of several of the artists and especially one buyer took over the spotlight. The actor Leonardo DiCaprio bought Jean-Pierre Roy's work "Nachlass".

The two artists Christian Rex van Minnen and Nicola Verlato (represented by Gallery Poulsen for the first time at an international art fair) made an extremely great debut at Pulse.
We are amazed by the massive demand after more works.

Aaron Johnson's breathtaking "Demon Pig" stopped the trafic of the growd passing by our booth. With his actual political view on America and impressive technic he showed us again why he is represented in the MOMA collection.

All seven works in our booth and the video work by William Powhida were spectacular and impressive, and we are so thankful for all the visitors and fuss this provided - a huge thanks to Christian Rex van Minnen, Jean-Pierre Roy, Nicola Verlato, Aaron Johnson and William Powhida!

See available works by the five artists we showed at Pulse New York:
Christian Rex van Minnen
Jean-Pierre Roy
Aaron Johnson
William Powhida
Nicola Verlato (no available works)
It was an amazing week with a lot of great experiences and adventures. We were met by a myriad of new as old friends including prominent guests like Helena Christensen and Patricia Arquette, who was in the company of her boyfriend, our artist Eric White. We are so grateful for all the support and good vibes that we received throughout the week.

Thanks to all the people who showed up!

Read more about Gallery Poulsen at Pulse New York:

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William Powhida: "Dear Copenhagen"

Installation view 7_800.jpg
Installation view from "Dear Copenhagen"

Meanwhile, back in Denmark, we have the intriguing and ingenious solo exhibition "Dear Copenhagen" by William Powhida up and running. With his delicate work, resembling notebook sketches, Powhida comments on the Danish "Janteloven" and criticizes the art world here, in the United States and everywhere in general.

Humor, sarcasm and irony are important tools in Powhida's artistic work, where invisible perspectives and relevant issues comes to light in an often obscure art world. Through the words of Powhida, we see ourselves from the outside and thereby learn more about our dear little country Denmark. It is clever, interesting and funny!

If you want to hear more about William Powhida's view on the art world and on his art practice in general, you should listen to his own words in this great podcast from 'The Undergang Armchair' or read
read the newest press - a reportage by Nicoline Thoning from Magasinet Kunst (in Danish).

The Undergang Armchair.jpg       Magasinet Kunst_Dear Copenhagen_200.jpg

William Powhida: "Dear Copenhagen"
27.02 - 28.03

Available works

Upcoming shows this spring:

To match all the recent activities overseas we offer you a spring filled with exiting exhibitions and events. Right after the Easter holidays we open the gallery to art works by the Canadian musician Leonard Cohen. The show is a visual counterpart and addition to Cohen's immense soundscapes known all over the world. The show is only up for a week so don't miss this change to see the honest, sad, poetic, ironic, perky and severe art works of a legend of our time.

Solo show: Leonard Cohen
10.04 - 15.04
Opening reception Friday April 10th from noon - 5.30 pm

Secondly we will open the show "The Copenhagen Interpretation Vol. 2" in the middle of April, where a group of the gallery's artists will present new works under the same theme as the group show recently opened in The Lodge Gallery in Lower East Side, Manhattan.

Group show: "The Copenhagen Interpretation Vol. 2"
17.04 - 02.05
Opening reception Friday April 17th from 5-7 pm

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1711 København V.
Tlf. +45 4015 5588 // +45 3333 9396
Opening hours: Tuesday thru Friday 12 -17.30, Saturday 12 - 15 or by appointment
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