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Poulsen Edition Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen

Woman and horse

The room

The end of the day

Strong standing woman

Sunlit woman

Parc du Portugal

Montreal woman no.1

Montreal visitor no.3

Montreal kitchen

Grecian woman

First snow

A corner of the room

Asleep at last

Her hand in sand no.2

You can't emerge

House in winter

Back in Montreal

Background singers

Come gather

Dear Roshi

Just to have been

Our lady

Dream of the fallen shechina

The temptation

Purity of Dominique

My guitar

Paris again

One little guy

Parc du Portugal with verse

Only one thing

My first wife

Dear Heather

Follow me

Good Greek coffee

Green chair

Her hand in sand no.1

Hydra table no.1

Hydra table no.2

Marianne 1960

Montreal visitor no.1

Montreal visitor no.2

Montreal woman no.2

Much hangs down

Lost spectacles


Early self portrait

Woman in rays

Watching you think

Vibrant, but dead


The living poet

The little bird

The Canadian sea

The bed

The bath


Refused to ask

Red guitar