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"Harmony in Red (Saddlebag)" 2022
Oil on canvas
160 x 116 cm, 63 x 45,5 in

Emilia Nurmivaara - "Harmony in Red (Saddlebag)" 2022 - Oil on canvas - 160 x 116 cm, 63 x 45,5 in


Born 1992, Vantaa, Finland
Lives and works in Kokkola, Finland

As an artist, Emilia Nurmivaara examines and develops the way she looks at things around her. The home, for her, is a private place. Houses and interiors have details where our memories, thoughts and dreams are hidden. Emilia's self-appointed task is to examine the value of physical objects in a home, and the significance they have for a soul space and the creation of dreams.

Emilia Nurmivaara's paintings are based on the visible world with everyday motifs from different interiors. To bring the interiors to life, she uses elements of reflection from different glass surfaces. The paintings turn into a visual play where light and shadow play a big part in creating this kind of image. She finds it visually interesting how different reflections distort reality and give the paintings dreamlike imagery.

With her paintings, Emilia wants to invite the viewer into her own world and to make the interiors in her paintings a place of their own.

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