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Varenr.: 06438-001-L

"Follow Light" 2020
Tempera on panel
60 x 80 cm, 23,5 x 31,5 in

Zhou Chen - "Follow Light" 2020 - Tempera on panel - 60 x 80 cm, 23,5 x 31,5 in


Born 1990, Dalian, China
Lives and works in Hangzhou and Dalian, China

The subject matter in Zhou Chen’s landscape paintings is inspired by the untouched, desolate, and barren but incredibly beautiful nature and rich history and culture of northwestern China. Removed from the unstoppable noise, stress, and impressions of contemporary society, the unending grasslands, snow-covered mountain tops, and the star-filled night sky have the sole opportunity to claim the viewer´s attention and, in return, offer a cleansing, almost spiritual experience where there is no attempt to influence the individual in one direction or another as the case often is in our information technology and media controlled daily lives. Through his works, which all portray a vast but quiet landscape, Zhou Chen wishes to convey grand and eye-opening experiences in nature. At the same time, the landscape paintings convey the enormous dissimilarities between different cultures of the world and for this reason, play a significant role in demystifying and increasing understanding across natural borders.

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