On Saturday May 15th we are opening the exhibition 3Dimensional with Super Future Kid (DE), Alonsa Guevara (CL) & Tine Nedbo (DK)

We are showing 3 strong female artists in our show 3Dimensional. They have each their special expression, that at first seem very constrasting but if we dig a sod deeper, the common features of the exhibition come to the surface. The commonalities are highlighted all the more in the diversity of the paintings. Love and hope are the common denominator here and thus put the spotlight on what ultimately always bring humanity forward.

Aesthetic and meaning come together in Super Future Kid’s work, which acts as a metaphor for adult problem solving. The impulse to create simple and fun versions of real life, e.g. kids’ toys as mechanisms to help prepare for the future, exists here, but there is no glossing over the complexity of the adult world, especially now when growing up means increasingly living across parallel physical, imagined and virtual realms. Her paintings and sculptures articulate a non-verbal world that preferences the intense visual snapshots experienced within dreaming. Images captured between reality and fantasy are brought into existence within the meticulous layers of paint, a step back from the digital into the tangible as computerized aesthetic finds its life in pigment on canvas.

Alonsa Guevara depicts the cycle of life, love and motherhood in her paintings, where she vulnerable and naked talks directly about the core of life, the basic things, such as reproduction, motherhood, life and death. Alonsa investigates the vital connection between nature, humans, and our spiritual selves. She uses painting as a tool to create magical worlds that explore the limits between real life and imagination while offering her understanding and appreciation of beauty, fantasy, and desire. These pieces depict imaginary rites in which people perform rituals to celebrate the feminine energy, fertility, and cycles of life. Unclothed, surrounded with flora and fauna, bodies become one with the soil, embracing the connection between humankind and nature, a relationship that has weakened with the growing reliance on industry and technology.

Tine Nedbo portrays her main characters in their own habitats, places where they feel safe. The security of being yourself and being able to stand by yourself! The paintings arouse a curiosity about the people's actions and the actions before and after the moment the painting depicts the main characters in. Tine Nedbo is interested in which social and political structures help to determine both how we are divided into social layers and thus how we interact with each other and society. The rough texture of the painting emphasizes the three-dimensionality of her works and creates a safe space we as spectators can look into.

In a world in crisis, our three female artists in this exhibition focus on the core of life. Feeling love and security is the glue that holds our society together, both in general but especially when humanity is challenged, as we have all witnessed over the past year. As the old saying goes "There is nothing so bad that it is not good for anything". Imagine if the result of the worldwide pandemic is that humanity finally realizes that our future depends on a cohesion with nature, the security of your fellow human beings and the love of your loved ones. The questions are many, the answers are few, but the exhibition opens a door to the hope of a safe and loving future.



Opening Saturday May 15th 12 - 4 PM in Gallery Poulsen, Staldgade 32, Copenhagen

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