Art Miami 2022

November 29 - December 4 2022

One Herald Plaza (NE 14th Street & Biscayne Bay), Miami, FL 33132

Booth: AM417


This winter Gallery Poulsen will return to Miami to take part in the Magic City’s longest-running contemporary and modern art fair, Art Miami. Here we will be presenting new works by a carefully curated roster of artists. The gallery’s attendance marks our return to Miami Art Week for the first time since 2019 due to Covid-19. We are therefore especially excited to once again be a part of the world’s largest and most extraordinary art event.


At the fair, we will present the best of the best that Gallery Poulsen has to offer, with brand-new and impressive works from our biggest and most acclaimed international artists. On top of that, we will premiere a group of young artists that we haven’t previously shown at the large international art fairs. Among these young artists are Emilia Nurmivaara (FI), Landon Bailey Higgins (US), Jingyi Wang (CN), and Jiannan Wu (CN) who will exhibit diverse works that characterize their respective artistic projects while offering a detailed and personal interpretation of existence and issues in our contemporary society. The great sense of detail in the works acts as a visual veil covering a piece of contemporary history that future generations will be able to look back at and recall the social, economic, and political issues the world is facing right now.


It goes without saying, that we have also invited a group of familiar faces that have participated in numerous Gallery Poulsen exhibitions throughout the years. They have all done their utmost to create vivid and evocative works that tell a universal story through razor-sharp compositions and expert artistic craftsmanship, specifically for our return to the international art fairs. In collaboration with one another, the artists have created a spectacular series of exhibitions filled to the brim with incomparable and impactful expressions that offer all visitors of the booth the experience of stepping directly into every art academy’s textbook where even the smallest brushstroke is meticulously and beautifully executed. Not one touch is random.           


Recognized as one of the preeminent international art fairs globally, Art Miami will kick off Miami Art Week with an invitation-only VIP Preview on Tuesday, November 29, and run through Sunday, December 4. Art Miami continually showcases the most significant artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries and is an important event for collectors, curators, museum professionals, and art enthusiasts. Distinguished for its quality, depth, and diversity, Art Miami will feature paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, and prints from more than 155 galleries across 17 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States.


We are looking forward to seeing you in our booth (AM417) at Art Miami 2022, where our artists have created thought-provoking works full of different expressions that will be included in five curated exhibitions in our booth throughout the week. New day, new show – every day!


Featured artists:

Adam Miller (US), Angela Gram (US), Emilia Nurmivaara (FI), Jean-Pierre Roy (US),

Jiannan Wu (CN), Jingyi Wang (CN), John Jacobsmeyer (US), Landon Bailey Higgins (US),

Martin Wittfooth (CA), Nicola Verlato (IT), Taylor Schultek (US) & William Powhida (US)


Preview: Tuesday, November 29

Wednesday, November 30, 11am - 7pm

Thursday, December 1, 11am - 7pm

Friday, December 2, 11am - 7pm

Saturday, December 3, 11am - 7pm

Sunday, December 4, 11am - 6pm


Nicola Verlato "New Atlantis" 2022 - Oil on linen, 200 x 150 cm, 78,5 x 59 in
Jingyi Wang "Pretend It's Home" 2022 - Oil on canvas, 152,5 x 127 cm, 60 x 50 in
Jingyi Wang "Sunny East While Rainy West" 2022 - Oil on canvas, 117 x 142,5 cm, 46 x 56 in
Angela Gram "King Cheetah" 2022 - Oil on canvas, 152,5 x 183 cm, 60 x 72 in
Angela Gram "Night Vision" 2022 - Oil on linen, 137 x 203 cm, 54 x 80 in
Landon Bailey Higgins "Chain Gang" 2022 - Oil on linen, 86,5 x 132 cm, 34 x 52 in
Landon Bailey Higgins "Operation" 2022 - Oil on canvas, 183 cm, 72 in across
John Jacobsmeyer "Then God is Seven" 2022 - Oil on linen, 101,5 x 152,5 x cm, 40 x 60 in
John Jacobsmeyer "Starfish" 2022 - Oil on linen, 152,5 x 101,5 cm, 60 x 40 in
Emilia Nurmivaara "Dreamer's Corner" 2022 - Oil on linen, 160 x 120cm, 63 x 47 in
Emilia Nurmivaara "Haven" 2022 - Oil on linen, 151 x 126 cm, 59,5 x 49,5 in
Jean-Pierre Roy "Recombinant Aerie" 2022 - Oil on linen, 183 x 152,5 cm, 72 x 60 in
Jean-Pierre Roy "Remergent Pastoral" 2022 - Oil on linen, 183 x 152,5 cm, 72 x 60 in
Jean-Pierre Roy "Sartorial Interface" 2022 - Oil on linen, 56 x 40,5 cm, 22 x 16 in
Jiannan Wu "Summer in France 1998" 2022 - Acrylic on resin, wood and metal, Edition of 3 + 1 AP, 60 x 51 x 14 cm, 23,5 x 20 x 5,5 in
Martin Wittfooth "Apis" 2022 - Oil on linen, 152,5 x 203 cm, 60 x 80 in
Martin Wittfooth "The Vision at La Brea" 2022 - Oil on linen, 122 cm, 48 in across
Taylor Schultek "Emanation" 2022 - Oil on linen, 183 x 122 cm, 72 x 48 in
Taylor Schultek "Opposing Force" 2022 - Oil on linen, 122 x 183 cm, 48 x 72 in
William Powhida "Artist (Stereo)types" 2022 - Watercolor and graphite on paper mounted on aluminum, 139,5 x 114,5 cm, 55 x 45 in
William Powhida "Some (Absurd) Claims" 2022 - Watercolor and graphite on paper mounted on aluminum, 139,5 x 114,5 cm, 55 x 45 in
Adam Miller "Solus" 2022 - Oil on linen, 150 x 75 cm, 59 x 29,5 in

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