Art Miami 2023

December 5 - 10, 2023

One Herald Plaza (NE 14th Street & Biscayne Bay), Miami, FL 33132

Booth: AM104


It has now been exactly one year since Gallery Poulsen returned to the international art fairs (after a hiatus forced by COVID-19) at last year’s Art Miami art fair. With our participation at multiple art fairs overseas since then, it is safe to say that we have returned to form! We are now very pleased to announce our return to The Sunshine State’s original and longest-running contemporary and modern art fair where we will present a stunning selection of new works by a carefully curated group of American and international artists. Distinguished for its quality, depth, and diversity, Art Miami will feature paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, and prints from more than 165 galleries across Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States. 


At Art Miami 2023, we will exhibit seventeen brand-new works by eight artists, representing the very best that Gallery Poulsen has to offer. In collaboration with one another, the new and meticulously executed works reflect contemporary narratives through diverse and figurative modes of visual expression.


Adam Miller is known for his large-scale, multifigure paintings dealing with myth, politics, and human drama. His paintings venture into the scale and complexity of the artistic traditions of the Renaissance, Baroque, and European Mannerism while updating the subjects to tell stories of contemporary life.


Angela Gram’s paintings might at first seem mythical and unreal, but they are referring to and reinterpreting complex matters from reality as well as inspirations from myths, literature, and art history. We as viewers can immerse into the many layers of the painting and lose ourselves in its aesthetical roots, as well as reinterpret our own surroundings. Gram is inspired by the infinite biodiversity of nature where the artist’s vision can delve into unknown, otherworldly realms that are serene, terrifying, and fantastic yet strikingly real.


Emilia Nurmivaara examines and develops the way she observes and experiences her surroundings. Through her paintings, she examines the value of physical objects in a home and the significance they have for our soul space and the creation of dreams. To Emilia Nurmivaara the home is an intimate place where the interiors are loaded with memories, thoughts, and atmospheres which she tries to capture in her paintings by documenting her childhood home.


Jean-Pierre Roy’s hyperrealist visual universe is often associated with Science Fiction and the Post-Apocalyptic. For him, the pull of the fantastical has always been the promise of ‘When you enter through these doors, your existential understanding of the nature of things will be questioned.’ It is that promise, and the examination of it, that has been the unifying thread in all his work.


Jingyi Wang’s new paintings apply her recognizable cactus portraits to convey intimate interpersonal relationships where loneliness is deliberately absent. Instead, the cactus is used as a vehicle to examine our everyday lives and to convey strength, independence, warmth, and care. Qualities that characterize Wang’s relationships with her friends and family. Hereby, the paintings adopt a new focus that is based on an embodiment of Wang’s internal, and often subconscious, contemplations.


In his two new works for Art Miami 2023, John Jacobsmeyer presents earnest, yet camp narratives of our culture set against a derelict, but newly vengeful nature. In Bad Picnic, a spectral tree root suddenly raises the stakes of an otherwise harmless wrestling move, a sort of 'powerbomb into oblivion’. Whereas, in Victual Sign, the carcass of a dead tree draws seekers of sustenance perhaps leading to a violent and primal conflict.


Nicola Verlato’s paintings are eminently figurative and hinge on the materialization of modern and ancient narratives and mythologies to demonstrate the absolute continuity of the central themes of mankind that continually adapt to the changes of time while maintaining their recognizability. To ensure the effectiveness of his work, Verlato has implemented CGI technologies in his artistic process since 1992. In this field, he is certainly a pioneer, if not the first ever to have married traditional painting and digital modeling.


Through his urban landscapes, Taylor Schultek paints a mysterious world filled with subcultures, contemporary narratives, and virtual spaces that come together through complex and cumulative world-building. By referencing his daily environment of New York City, memories, and digital spaces, he creates a visual framework for representing our current place in time. Finding ways to play with the city’s dehumanizing concrete grid and liminal spaces has been a part of Schultek’s artistic practice since he started writing graffiti as a teenager, through which he became familiar with the nuanced environments and expressions of urban life. These experiences are now used as significant ingredients in Schultek’s figurative narratives, which center around everything from personal interests and the city’s many intimate spaces to technology’s rapid advancement and universal societal anxieties.


Art Miami 2023 will kick off with the highly anticipated VIP Preview on Tuesday, December 5th before opening to the public on December 6th through Sunday, December 10th at the prestigious waterfront location of One Herald Plaza in the heart of downtown Miami. Art Miami continues to develop and draw upon the vast collector base, art dealers, advisors, curators, and museums that descend upon Miami for what has been largely heralded as the most important week for contemporary art in the United States.


For free admission and VIP access to Art Miami 2023 please contact the gallery at [email protected]


We look forward to seeing you in our booth (AM104) at Art Miami 2023!


Opening hours:

Preview: Tuesday, December 5

Wednesday, December 6, 11am - 7pm

Thursday, December 7, 11am - 7pm

Friday, December 8, 11am - 7pm

Saturday, December 9, 11am - 7pm

Sunday, December 10, 11am - 6pm

 Art Miami 2023

December 5 – 10

Booth: AM104

One Herald Plaza (NE 14th Street & Biscayne Bay), Miami, FL 33132

Contact the gallery at [email protected] or tel. + 45 33 33 93 96 for more info


Nicola Verlato "The Flood 2" 2023 - Oil on linen, 120 x 90 cm, 47 x 35 in
Jean-Pierre Roy "Acclimation Capacity" 2023 - Oil on linen, 152,5 x 122 cm, 60 x 48 in
Jean-Pierre Roy "Host Range" 2023 - Oil on panel, 61 x 45,5 cm, 24 x 18 in
Taylor Schultek "Oversight" 2023 - Oil on linen, 91,5 x 61 cm, 36 x 24 in
John Jacobsmeyer "Bad Picnic" 2023 - Oil on linen, 152,5 x 122 cm, 60 x 48 in
John Jacobsmeyer "Victual Sign" 2023 - Oil on linen, 152,5 x 122 cm, 60 x 48 in
Jingyi Wang "Let's Go On a Picnic" 2023 - Oil on linen, 152,5 x 122 cm, 60 x 48 in
Jingyi Wang "Y2K Fashion" 2023 - Oil on linen, 152,5 x 122 cm, 60 x 48 in
Jingyi Wang "Live Streaming" 2023 - Oil on linen, 122 x 152,5 cm, 48 x 60 in
Angela Gram "Quintessence" 2023 - Oil on linen, 81,5 x 132 cm, 32 x 52 in
Taylor Schultek "Unstable Connection" 2023 - Oil on linen, 91,5 x 183 cm, 36 x 72 in
Emilia Nurmivaara "The Mystery of Things" 2023 - Oil on linen, 144 x 169 cm, 56,5 x 66,5 in
Emilia Nurmivaara "Aletheia" 2023 - Oil on linen, 166 x 133 cm, 65,5 x 52,5 in
Emilia Nurmivaara "Cosmic House" 2023 - Oil on linen, 163 x 124 cm, 64 x 49 in
Jingyi Wang "In the Countryside" 2023 - Oil on linen, 152,5 x 122 cm, 60 x 48 in
Angela Gram "Icon" 2023 - Oil on panel, 30,5 x 23 cm, 12 x 9 in
Adam Miller "Persephone and Pluto" 2023 - Oil on canvas, 150 x 70 cm, 59 x 27,5 in

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