Louie Cordero: "A Call for Arms", 2019, acrylic on canvas, 122 x 122 cm, 48 x 48 in

Inoperative Halo

Invitational show with Eric White, Jud Bergeron and Louie Cordero


Networking ties us all together. This applies, for example, when we do business, when politics is created or when the local sports club needs a new sponsor. And it absolutely applies to the art world as well!

The exhibition "Inoperative Halo", which opens on Saturday November 23rd, curated by Eric White is the very best example of this. Eric White has chosen the best in his own network and invited Louie Cordero (PH) and Jud Bergeron (USA) to create works for the exhibition.

The three artists have exhibited together in most of the world in different contexts and this time it will happen in Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen.

Eric White’s paintings have a significant cinematic touch. The paintings reproduce a distorted or sometimes doubled reality, yet they are inherently recognizable and real. You sense the motion and the narrative as they are painted with vertiginous exactitude and bilious colors. His work is often referred to as dreamlike or dreamscapes and they clearly draw on both classic conceptualism and surrealism in their aesthetics.

The colorful, unreal representation of a reality is where White’s paintings are connected to Louie Cordero’s paintings in which surrealism is taken to yet another level. Cordero’s engrossing narratives and sometimes even absurd motifs recall those of comics and cartoons.

In each their manner both White and Cordero’s paintings possess a certain quality of entertainment and a dominating yet relieving humor.

Unlike Cordero's and White's maximalist and narrative images, Bergeron's minimalist and futuristic sculptures create a counterbalance in terms of their three-dimensional presence in the exhibition space and not least their simplistic surfaces.


23.11 - 21.12 2019

Vernissage Saturday November 23rd from 12-4pm

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Artists represented:

Eric White (US), Jud Bergeron (US) & Louie Cordero (PH).


All three artists, Eric White, Jud Bergeron and Louie Cordero, will be present at the opening and available for interviews.

Contact the gallery at [email protected] or phone + 45 33 33 93 96 for further information




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