Super Future Kid - Retrospective & Then Some

Online Exclusive Exhibition

9 Nov – 22 Dec

Super Future Kid was born in East Germany and spent the first eight years of her life completely unaware of the western world. The cultural shock that followed the fall of the Berlin wall left a great impression on her and plays an important role in her love for bold colors, toys, and everything joyful and playful.

Super Future Kid's work is largely based on themes that strongly relate to certain ideas of childhood and youth; a time that still greatly influences her personality and artistic identity. She's deeply fascinated with the perception and perspective on the world from the view of an adolescent mind, particularly in ideas of the mysteries and strangeness associated with being grown up. Those ideas include character identity, curious behavior and spirituality, games and playfulness, and the freedom of the youthful spirit itself.  

Super Future Kid lives and works in Brooklyn, New York


Super Future Kid "With My Bear Hands" 2022 - Acrylic and flashe on canvas with 3D pen drawings on canvas sides, 198 x 178 cm, 78 x 70 in
Super Future Kid "Deep Breakfast" 2019 - Acrylic, airbrush and stickers on canvas, 180 x 190 cm, 70,8 x 74,8 in
Super Future Kid "Sooner and Later" 2021 - Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 150 cm, 47 x 59 in
Super Future Kid "Mountain Drew" 2019 - Acrylic and airbrush on canvas, 150 x 130 cm, 59 x 51 in
Super Future Kid "Thundering Pineapples" 2018 - Acrylic and airbrush on canvas, 120 x 140 cm, 47 x 55 in
Super Future Kid “Grow with The Flow” 2022 - Acrylic on canvas, 3D pen drawings on canvas sides, 198 x 178 cm, 78 x 70 in
Super Future Kid "Purple Ectoplasm" 2015 - Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 137 x 112 cm, 54 x 44 in
Super Future Kid "Thicker than Confetti Mush" 2014 - Oil, acrylic, gouache on canvas, 150 x 140 cm, 59 x 55 in

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