Tom Sanford & Alfred Steiner

May 4 - June 1

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About Tom Sanford (US)
Tom Sanford’s paintings, which might be considered a sort of lowbrow conceptual art, reflect a deep ambivalence about the American cultural condition. His subjects are numerous and vary widely, ranging from history paintings depicting celebrity assassinations, to icon paintings of gangster rappers, to elaborate cosmologies weaved together from Hollywood movies, to contemporary genre paintings of bars and subways cars.

About Alfred Steiner (US)
Alfred Steiner’s paintings are hybrids of the stylized and the naturalistic. Despite their traditional medium (watercolor, with one exception) and their relationship to naturalist illustration, they are works that could not have been readily produced, if at all, until recently. This is not only because they are based on fictional characters that did not exist until 1999, but also because it would be far more difficult, if not impossible, to make them without Google Images, which was introduced in 2001. In these works, Audubon and Nickelodeon collide on the Infobahn.

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