Jade Townsend at Volta New York

Gallery Poulsen will be a part of this year’s edition of Volta New York March 7-10th, 2013, where we present Jade Townsend (US) Solo.

VOLTA NY is an invitational show of emerging solo artists’ projects and the American incarnation of the successful young fair founded in Basel in 2005. VOLTA NY was created in 2008 by Artistic Director Amanda Coulson as a tightly-focused, boutique event that is a place for discovery, a showcase for relevant art contemporary positions regardless of the artist's or gallery’s age.

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"Old Hat" graphite, charcoal, prisma color, oil and ink on paper, 122 x 69 cm, 2013

With Jade Townsend’s artwork, one is captivated by his universe and his cross-aesthetic practice, ranging from beautiful detail-oriented drawings to large theatrical installations. His installations engage the viewer to become part of what he builds in various exhibition spaces with a fascinating result. With the drawings, entire worlds and universes are constructed and presented to us. Jade Townsend's artworks have a universal nerve to them that transcend cultures, as he applies a universal visual language known from our earliest memories in literature and history. There is a use of materials and historical imagery that animates his artworks, with a handcrafted expression that cause us to be captivated by them. His works are loaded with timber, ships, kings, hobos, death, tarot cards and mysticism and they are keen to illuminate our existing systems and question their limitations and their flaws.
The element of flaws of the system was also addressed in the collaborative drawing Hooverville done by Jade Townsend and William Powhida in 2010. The artists caused quite a stir with their joint artwork when they, in great detail, ingenuity and knowledge interpreted the Art Basel Miami Beach fair humorously and critically, as they portrayed the gallery owners, curators and artists participating in this annual event as a shanty town. In 2012 the artists made a new collaborative drawing Bellum Omnium contra Omnes (translated from Latin, "a war of all against all") a gigantic drawing, months underway that depicts a battleground, as it would look if the postmodern art world was ever a such.
With Jade Townsend the ship is loaded with drawings and a sculptural installation, where we are presented with a historical theme in a contemporary and hand-build setting from an artist we believe deserves full attention and recognition.

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Vuk Vidor is back!

Vuk Vidor’s pictorial universe is so powerful that even superheroes are being knocked over. His figures are brutal super humans who want to go forward but are facing heavy obstacles along the way. Vuk Vidor’s images and their seductive stories have been exhibited all over the globe, but mainly in Paris, New York, Berlin and Madrid as well as in Belgrade, which is Vuk’s hometown.
This new exhibition entitled "Newton" is Vuk’s fourth solo exhibition at Gallery Poulsen - the first, "Even Superheroes Can’t Save Us Now", took place back in 2008. "Newton" opens on February 22nd.

The focal point of the exhibition is the alien Newton, personified by David Bowie in the movie "The Man Who Fell to Earth" from 1976. The film is based on Walter Tevis novel by the same name, which was released exactly 50 years ago. The story is about an alien who comes to earth to steal water home to his own, dry planet. The alien - with the full name Thomas Jerome Newton - fails and must stay on Earth, where he despite economic success ends up as an alcoholic wreck.

Vuk Vidor’s view of the world is rarely a mild one and this also applies in this exhibition. His paintings ask critical questions to the values we otherwise consider as safe. Are we the natural, privileged rulers of the universe, or is humanity just a little tiny dot in the ALL? Are humans unique wise or babbling naive?

Vuk Vidor on the exhibition:
“Newton is a privileged witness in our world, in our community, in our lives, in our habits. His perspective is unique. And Newton, the man from the stars, becomes an oracle, a man of potentially light and wisdom, caught between the human labyrinth and his longing for the galaxy. Trapped between the upper and lower, between the human and the foreign. He is a permanent guest in the middle of our complexities, paradoxes and insanity. Newton is our mirror.”

The works in the exhibition are drawings, paintings, sculptures, assemblages and the Newton book. 


Upcoming shows in Gallery Poulsen Copenhagen

Gallery Poulsen presents Jade Townsend (US),
Solo at VOLTA NY, Art Fair in New York
March 7 - 10, 2013???

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Barnaby Whitfield (US), solo?
April 5th to April 27th?
Opening Friday April 5th from 5-8 pm?

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News updates

Alfred Steiner is a part of "Department of Art Faculty & Alumni Exhibition", Miami University Art Museum, Oxford, OH. January 7 - May 11. arts.muohio.edu/node
"Nudes", curated by The Worlds Best Ever, Guerrero Gallery, 2700 19th St., San Francisco, CA. The show contains works by Faile, HuskMitNavn, Mark Mulroney, Eddie Martinez and Steve Powers, among others. March 9 through April 6. guerrerogallery.com
For the inaugural exhibit at Joshua Liner Gallery’s new ground-floor space at 540 W. 28th St., New York, NY, Alfred Steiner is contributing one large watercolor based on a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, five characters from The Simpsons, and a heaping helping of human anatomy. http://www.joshualinergallery.com/

Michael Anderson will be in two shows at the scope art fair in New York city during the Armory Arts Week. Michael Anderson will be showing with Amstel Gallery and Whitehot magazines booth with Noah Becker(publisher of Whitehot) and Lee Ranaldo(Guitarist from Sonic Youth)

Tom Sanford will be a part of the exhibit “Weird World”, curated by ISE Cultural Foundation, March 08, 2013 - April 26, 2013, Artist(s): Toru Ishii, Don Porcella, and Tom Sanford.

Tom Sanford and Aaron Johnson are both in the exhibition “Die Wunderkammer; Objects of Virtue” Curated by Keith Schweitzer & Jason Patrick Voegele. March 21-May 1. The Lodge, 131 1/2 Chrystie St., NY, NY

Aaron Johnson has been awarded a residency fellowship at Yaddo, the prestigious artist community in Saratoga Springs, NY, for April-May.

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