Rungsted Havn får en verdensberømthed på besøg når den lokale Rungsted borger og gallerist Morten Poulsen inviterer til en eksklusiv visning af sangeren Leonard Cohens kunst. Visningen er for at markere Gallery Poulsens 10 års jubilæum.

Pressrelease for Cohen in Rungsted Havn


Aaron Johnson Sock Paintings

"When I made my first sock painting, I had the following revelation: "As I stare at this painting, it stares back at me, and as I stand here in my two socks, so does the painting hang there in its many socks. That seemed absolutely absurd, and therein somehow startlingly profound." Aaron Johnson, August 2013. Read more

Aaron Johnson's current exhibition Sock Paintings is on view in the gallery until 16 November. See available works here.


The Gallery Poulsen 10 Years Anniversary Show


Tom Sanford “The Great Poulsen” 2013, 61 x 61 cm, oil on 300lbs arches paper.

Gallery Poulsen celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, more specifically on the 22nd November marking this with an exhibition of our ‘house’ artists and their invited ‘guest stars’, other artists they admire and respect.
The anniversary exhibition is a visualization of the gallery's focal point: the personal and that we work with friends here. The rings spread in the water in our contact with artists who introduce us to new artists. The same is true of the gallery's collectors who introduce us to new collectors who then become friends of the house. The artworks all differ in expression, which reflects the openness and inclusiveness that characterizes Gallery Poulsen. Here is no habitual thinking; we are open to risk-taking and the testing of new ideas and to explore new avenues.
Trusting our gallery artists, the gallery’s DNA, we have given them free rein to create artworks bearing in mind that this is our anniversary exhibition and a celebration of the 10 years that have passed. The exhibiting artists' feedback is very interesting, humorous, colorful and touching and we look forward to showing their works to you. We are proud of the good relations we have to the art scene in New York and it is therefore with great pleasure that Isaac Arvold, Eric Inkala , Jean -Pierre Roy, Tom Sanford and Barnaby Whitfield all are participating in the exhibition opening and the anniversary celebration.

10 Years Anniversary Show
November 23rd to December 21st
Opening party Friday November 22nd 5 to 8 pm


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