Monica Cook - Solo

June 15 - July 13

More info to come. Stay updated on this page.

About Monica Cook:

“My new drawings are based on my most prominent memories as a young girl, my curiosities and ways of understanding my world and how I fit within it. I am pulling up these memories and seeing how they have defined my world as an adult. I continue to use the human body as a sigil of our most defining commonalities: lust, hunger, pleasure, pain, sacrifice and nurturing. It is about raw and naked human existence: Contradiction, tension, and the dynamism of our inborn extremes.

In our base humanity, we teeter between passion and gluttony, strength and frailty, hope and despair. Our bodies love blindly, obedient to the brutal dictates of biology. We seek unity through intimacy, yet we are chilled by disconnection and disjunction even as our bodies touch. All extremes, all opposing forces, fortify and illuminate one another, as do allure and repulsion, surfeit and want, desire and disgust. For me, these extremes are the site of terrible beauty.”

Monica Cook, August 2015

Din vare er nu tilføjet til indkøbskurven