Opening of "Blaze of Glory"

In Gallery Poulsen we do not launch the summer without an astonishing summer group show with the best of the best from new as well as old stars from our team of artists. Therefore, Saturday June 13th we opened the sixth annual summer show, this year called “Blaze of Glory”, at full blast in the company of five of our artists and a bunch of good people. Thank you so much for showing up!

The show is up until Saturday July 4th, so do not hesitate to stop by and see this amazing show. We present works on canvas, panel and paper. All works are astounding and forcefully they radiate under the theme of “Blaze of Glory”.

Opening of "Blaze of Glory"
Opening of "Blaze of Glory"
Opening of "Blaze of Glory"

Below you find works by one of the new artists in the family Mu Pan (TW/US) and the five-year member Aaron Johnson (US).


Mu Pan: "A Yeren is Leaping Forward" 2014, acrylic on wood, 91.4 x 121.9 cm, 36 x 48 in
Aaron Johnson: "Viper Moon" 2015, acrylic on polyester knit mesh, 155 x 122 cm, 61 x 48 in

"Blaze of Glory - New Art from New York Part VI"
13.06 – 04.07
Featuring: Barnaby Whitfield (US), Christian Rex van Minnen (US), Eric White (US), Jacob Dahlstrup (DK), Jean-Pierre Roy (US), John Jacobsmeyer (US), Josh Jordan (US), Mi Ju (KOR/US), Mu Pan (TW/US), Nicola Verlato (IT), William Powhida (US), Aaron Johnson (US)

Press release


Installation view of our new showroom downstairs

Opening of the treasury

The last month we have been working hard on renovating a new showroom in the basement. We are really excited to welcome you downstairs in our new trove filled with treasures! The Gallery Poulsen basement has always been a visit worth but now we can see the works illuminated up on the walls and not crammed into the crowded shelves of the inventory.

With several more square meters this new space gives the gallery a new interesting potential that we look forward to unfold this fall. As a contrast to the deep dark underground of Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District you will in the future undoubtedly find brilliant, colorful and magnificent works in our treasury!


Detail of one of Jean-Pierre Roy's drawings for "Knock the Wind" opening August 14th.

Upcoming show - drawings by Monica Cook and Jean-Pierre Roy

When the summer holidays have past, we start up with the interesting dual show "Knock the Wind" with works on paper by Monica Cook & Jean-Pierre Roy. Roy is an old hearty campmate of ours whilst Monica Cook is a new favorite. Both are extremely talented equipped with something as humble as graphite, ink or gouache. With this show coming up we really have one good reason to let the summer vacation pass quickly!

"Knock the Wind" - Works on paper by Monica Cook & Jean-Pierre Roy
Opening Friday 14.08 from 5-7 pm


Detail of "The Pool, the Cloth, and the Nude" by Shangkai Kevin Yu, graduate from New York Academy of Art, on display this fall

Summer time in Gallery Poulsen

We end the first half part of 2015 with the exhilarating memory of an eventful spring here in Gallery Poulsen. From Copenhagen over Herning to New York we were both enriched with interesting new acquaintances and met by good old friends.

Indeed, we look very much forward to seeing you again in the fall, where we have an exciting program filled with stunning drawings, paintings and photography both from our permanent group of artists and from new talents. In August we begin with works on paper by Monica Cook and Jean-Pierre Roy as mentioned above. Then we present a group show with three extremely talented graduates from New York Academy of Art - Abigail Schmidt, Shangkai Kevin Yu and Stephen Vollo. Later this fall we open the doors to the stunning portraits of Austrian photographer Rainer Hosch and end the year with Barnaby Whitfield's breathtaking fictional characters. More information on our exhibition schedule will follow in August.

The gallery will be closed in July but we are always only a phone call or an email away if you have any inquiries during summer time.

Summer vacation in Gallery Poulsen:
July 5th - August 2nd


Gallery Poulsen artists around the world and newest press:

Alfred Steiner - article in The Copenhagen Post
"Anything goes" was recommended by Kopenhagen in week 20.
In connection with the "Open Sessions 2014-15" program at The Drawing Center in SoHo New York, Steiner will be part of a group show in its main gallery that runs from July 17 through August 30.

Barnaby Whitfield has, in the company of Rebecca Goyette, been invited to participate in a two-week residency in August at the DNA Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Christian Rex van Minnen - studio visit from Hi Fructose while Minnen was painting "Still life with Journal Entry and Diabetes".
A new artist documentary series called "Diplo Presents @Large: Creators at Work" about Minnen's billboard project with the work 'Thunder Perfect Mind'.

Daniel Davidson is in a drawing show at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh.

Eric White - article in Magasinet kunst

Jacob Dahlstrup stayed in the CCA Andratx Studios at Mallorca in 2011. His work, made with a tattoo machine on paper, is now on view in their Drawing Studio.

John Jacobsmeyer will be featured in the next issue of Carrier Pigeon (CP15). Carrier Pigeon is an artist-run magazine of illustrated fiction and fine art.
In June, Jacobsmeyer will be working with the master printers at Atelier fur Radierung-Leipzig to create one of his etchings for a portfolio(mappe) including 12 artists from New York and Germany.

Nicola Verlato - article in LX'Q Site Magazine

Mi Ju - reviews in Wall Street International and Observer about her latest show at Freight and Volume.

Mu Pan - article in Juxtapoz Magazine

Rainer Hosch has been chosen to participate at the VIP Program PARIS PHOTO LOS ANGELES at Fitzpatrick Leland House (2015).

Aaron Johnson has five paintings on view in the museum show "Walk in my Shoes" at Mass MoCA, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, MA.
Interview in ArtFile Magazine


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