Gallery Poulsen proudly presents Debra Hampton at VOLTA 9 BASEL

VOLTA9 is Basel's cutting-edge art fair for new and emerging art. VOLTA is a platform for presenting the vision of contemporary art galleries of global repute whose artists represent new and relevant positions for curators and collectors alike. Conceived to bridge a gap between Basel's pre-existing fairs, VOLTA showcases galleries – whether young or mature – that choose as their mandate to work with the most exciting emerging artists. These galleries must maintain deeply meaningful connections with their artists and follow them throughout their careers.

Monday, June 10 – Saturday, June 15, 2013. Dreispitzhalle, Basel, Switzerland

Gallery Poulsen will be in Booth C11 showing a solo exhibit by the US artist Debra Hampton.


Debra Hampton "Coronation of the dialectical spin" Magazine cut out, archival prints, adhesive and ink on paper mounted on panel with varnish, 122 x 91 cm, 2013

In each work, Hampton includes modern-day emblems of power by appropriating imagery from fashion magazines, order-by-mail catalogues, and anthologies of patriotic keepsakes all of which represent society’s most coveted and desirable objects.

The casual viewer is rewarded with a dizzying selection of symbolic images sliced up almost beyond recognition - dissected beauty products, flying motorcycle wheels, exploding bullets, youthful bodies, wooden rifles, gold chains, splattered ink and hand-drawn organic shapes - while patient appreciation reveals the emotional and conceptual tenor of the juxtapositions.

In Debra Hampton's art, beauty can be seen as both armor and weapon. She assembles her heroines from fragments of magazine advertisements and other ephemeral material, creating powerful female figures as contemporary warriors evolved from the absurdity and abundance of luxury items, beauty products, mechanical parts and coveted weapons. The questions and critiques inspired by her collages are relevant and ongoing as we navigate times of economic hardship and one should think post-consumerism. However the quest for eternal youth, power and the promotion of unethical consumption is showing no signs of slowing down. Are we in a time of denial rather than facing the facts that there are more substantial concerns at stake?

To see more of Debra Hamptons works


Mi Ju "Naked Seed" 137x198cm, acrylic on canvas + cut out paper, 2013

Mi Ju "Seed Bomb"

This May Mi Ju has her first solo show at Gallery Poulsen "Seed Bomb", May 3rd - June 6th.
Mi Ju was born in South Korea. Her father ran a textile factory and the mother was a Buddhist temple florist. Massive rolls of fabric were always around Mi Ju during her childhood, their colorful patterns and diverse textures affecting her visual expression.
Mi Ju creates macrocosmic totemic figures, symbols of power within Mother Nature. In the microcosmic complexity of the hyper-details, she enhances and dramatizes the larger forms.

The paintings are detailed and imaginative pictures of an imaginary micro cosmos. The artworks are like a close-up of organisms and what we are unable to see with the naked eye. Mi Ju has titled the exhibition "Seed Bomb" and adds: ”the theme comes from the idea of the microcosmic world that contained in plant seeds. This small grain that is found anywhere contains a hidden complexity.

She received BFA’s at Yeungnam University and San Francisco Art Institute, MFA at Pratt Institute. She has exhibited in Seoul, San Francisco, San Diego, Copenhagen, and New York. Her work is in the collection of The Weisman Foundation, Los Angeles.

Mi Ju lives and works in Brooklyn, US.


Michael Scoggins "God Bless America" Graphite, marker, Prismacolor on paper, 130x170cm, 2008

"The Wild Bunch" - New Art From New York #3

Gallery Poulsen 2013 Summer Group show
June 21 - July 20

Featuring: Aaron Johnson, Adam Stennet, Alfred Steiner, Barnaby Whitfield, Christian Rex van Minnen, Daniel Davidson, Debra Hampton, Eric White, Isaac Arvold, Jean Pierre Roy, Josh Jordan, Michael Scoggins, Ryan Michael Ford, Tom Sanford, Ryan Bradley, All from the US


Jean-Pierre Roy "Weltanschauung", Oil on canvas, 2013

Jean-Pierre Roy - New artist in Gallery Poulsen

Learn more about Jean-Pierre Roy


Upcoming shows in Gallery Poulsen Copenhagen

"Seed Bomb"
Mi Ju (KOR/US) solo
May 3rd to June 1st
Opening May 3rd from 5-8 pm

Gallery Poulsen presents Debra Hampton at the 9th edition of VOLTA 9 BASEL
June 10th - June 15th

"The Wild Bunch" - New Art From New York #3
Gallery Poulsen 2013 Summer Group show
June 21st to July 20th
Opening party Friday june 21st from 5-8 pm
Featuring: Aaron Johnson, Adam Stennet, Alfred Steiner, Barnaby Whitfield, Christian Rex van Minnen, Daniel Davidson,
Debra Hampton, Eric White, Jean Pierre Roy, Josh Jordan, Michael Scoggins, Ryan Michael Ford, Tom Sanford
Ryan Bradley, All from the US

The gallery will be closed from July 21st to September 4th


News updates

Vuk Vidor, Solo Show, Galerie Mazel, Brussles, "7" (seven deadly sins), June July 2013

France, June, August, Contemporary Art Center Epinal
and Contemporary Art Center, Perpignan, July > September 2013
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Alfred Steiner's work appeared in the show "Thanks" curated by artist Adam Parker Smith at Lu Magnus in New York. For the show, Adam collected objects from 77 artists by stealing them while on studio visits to each artist.

Tom Sanford is a part of the group show:
"After Modernism 2013 (A.M.)"
Curated by Hubert Neumann and Alison Wolfson, The Nassau County Museum of Art
Tom Sanford, Nina Chanel Abney, Erik Parker, Justin Craun, Wendel Gladstone
June 28th-October 13th

Javier Aguilera has been invited by the Tasmania university in Australia to be an artist in residence during this summer. He is going to work in a personal project related to the Tasmanian devils with a final art show at the end.
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