Ryan Davis in Copenhagen for the opening of Holy Mackerel!

Here at Gallery Poulsen the hustle and bustle of everyday life never stops, welcoming over half a dozen international artists through our door since the start of this year – we strive to bring you the latest, most dynamic and esteemed works of contemporary figurative art.

Holy Mackerel!
This April we saw the face of another young New York Academy of Art graduate at Gallery Poulsen, with Ryan Davis’ debut solo exhibition Holy Mackerel!. Inviting us to experience a journey on the turbulent and tempestuous seas of New England, Massachusetts, Davis’ opened our eyes through a series of emotive and palpable works to the significant strength, power, beauty and force of the North Atlantic waters by his hometown. Moving away from the rectangular format of many canvases, Davis’ specially cut-out works on shaped canvas, offer a fresh take on many traditional seascapes and nautical scenes – securing him and his works an honorable feature in the Gloucester Daily Times!

Femme Focus
Gallery Poulsen is no stranger to rocking the boat in the face of tradition, which is why shortly after we launched our current exhibition Femme Focus, an all-female exhibition that showcases the works of five inspiring women artists, presenting a melting pot of experiences and varying artistic styles: Angela GramAnne HerreroEmilia NurmivaaraRebecca OrcuttJingyi Wang.


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 JP Invitational: Jean-Pierre Roy, Andy Cross and Johnston Foster
We are thrilled to present two upcoming shows in Gallery Poulsen! On May 25th, we bring you JP Invitational (25.05.24 – 13.07.24), a group show featuring Jean-Pierre Roy, Andy Cross and Johnston Foster. This show promises to push creative boundaries and engage your mind with Roy’s and Cross’ captivating oil paintings, as well as Foster’s innovative sculptures.

Jean-Pierre Roy has been a dear friend of Gallery Poulsen for many years and his artistic contributions have played a vital role in shaping our gallery's history. We are always excited to showcase his impressive works that transcend multiple dimensions and we look forward to taking you along on his journey of creative evolution where for a moment, we gain access to a reality beyond our wildest imagination.

A glimpse of Andy Cross' double sided portraits that will be exhibited at the upcoming show

In Andy Cross’s works, we are exposed to a kinetic universe of bold, kaleidoscopic and engaging paintings depicting portraits of friends in personal prismatic universes. Painted on double-sided canvases that are placed perpendicular to the wall, Cross’ works allow for a dynamic viewing experience, activating the space around them.

Johnston Foster has something exciting cooking for us!

Johnston Foster values the joy of discovering an abandoned treasure on the side of the road, which he then places in his pick-up track and brings back to work on in his studio. He has a unique talent for transforming discarded objects into remarkable figurative sculptures. 

After the summer break, August brings in the late summer season with The Gallery Poulsen Summer Show 2024 (16.08.24 – 14.09.24), an annual cherished event featuring a select handpicked curation of works from artists around the world, where we bring you fresh art from New York and other places across the globe. Make sure to mark your calendars, as this is a show you won't want to miss!


It is with immense pride that we can announce that The Gochman Collection which works to support and promote Indigenous leadership in the arts and beyond has acquired Hernandez’s work “Unrecognized Exchange”. This work depicts the thriving cultural meeting hubs and trade routes that have existed between North and South America, in which Indigenous people from North and South America met with one another and shared goods, services, ideas and knowledge.  

Manuel Hernandez "Unrecognized Exchange" 2023 - Acrylic on shaped canvas, 221 x 274,5 cm, 87 x 108 in

Rebecca Orcutt has recently had her work “Before it’s Ruined (or an Unrealized Mean Side) selected for the Herbert Smith Freehills Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery, London.



Rebecca Orcutt: ”Before it's Ruined (or an Unrealized Mean Side) - Oil on canvas, 61 x 46 cm, 24 x 18 in

Emilia Nurmivaara has also had a special piece written about her and female artists from Kokkola in ‘Kvinnokonstens pärlor från Karleby’.


Gram has received a notable mention in the article ‘Modification, Millennials and the Mutant Beasts’ where Michael Pearce writes about genetic manipulation and features a selection of Gram’s vibrant, thought-provoking and transcendental paintings. 

Angela Gram "Night Vision" 2022 Oil on linen -137 x 203 cm, 54 x 80 in

Jiannan Wu at the Venice Biennial!
Jiannan Wu currently has a selection of his works (“Cheers”, “Feb. News” and “Destiny is All”) exhibited at the Arsenale (Sala de Armi) curated by The Swatch Art Peace Hotel at the Venice Biennial this year from April 20 to November 23! 

Jiannan Wu "Destiny is All" 2022 Acrylic on resin, metal, and wood Edition of 3 + 1 AP 61 x 60 x 21 cm, 24 x 23,5 x 8 in

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